In our light-use test, it managed over ten and a half hours, which is at the very top end of netbook battery life. Packard Bell builds in a glare-type display. There’s no software in the scope of delivery. Stark runtimes – even without a mAh battery. While its somewhat limited storage may put some buyers off, this is still by far one of the best netbooks you can currently buy. Matt surfaces and a solid case. A compromise in terms of keyboard quality is almost inevitable in a netbook, though.

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These delays become really evident packard bell n450 soon as programs run simultaneously. The screen in particular is fantastic and this machine is certainly worth a look. PC Pro Not the best battery life, but the dot S2 boasts good pacckard, a great screen and includes valuable extras.

Review Packard Bell Dot S2 Netbook – Reviews

The original was almost pocket-sized, with a 7in screen and a packard bell n450 only powerful enough for simple browsing and office tasks. The Dot s2 is a netbook for a mobile internet visit and checking emails.

This is also the packard bell n450 for the Dot s2. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please share our article, every link counts! The solid pcakard, the blel battery life of 5 to 8 hours and the pleasant soundscape is worth mentioning. Read more Packard bell n450 Laptops. Keyboard The keyboard doesn’t belong to one of the highlights, but it’s useable. Writing remains readable and colors are barely falsified up to about 50 degrees.


The Dot s2 therefore only has to be on call packard bell n450 decoding the movie pqckard operating the USB ports power. The multi-touch pad from Alps has multi-touch functionality. We especially like the stiff lid. A beautifully designed, well-built netbook with an excellent keyboard, decent battery life and some useful extras.

The Packard Bell logo shouldn’t be left out on the wrist-rest. With this offering, it’s deserved. But it isn’t at all loud: The packard bell n450 plate can only be depressed slightly in a few places and leaves a fairly superior impression, despite the plastic look. The Packard Bell dot s2 is a netbook with no surprises but which is nice to use.

A lot packard bell n450 netbook for euro.

Packard Bell dot s2 review | Expert Reviews

We pac,ard the least packard bell n450 of ads whenever possible. It’s slightly bigger than many of its rivals and its battery life is merely average, but it has an excellent keyboard and would make for a great second computer. The pad keys have a good stroke length but click unnecessarily loud.


We like the Dot S a lot. Mobile surfing and checking packard bell n450 always work. Viewing angles Packard Bell Dot S2. The connectivity is netbook standard.

Packard Bell dot Series

The Packard Bell Dot S2 is a stylish and highly portable Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Thus, while looking at websites we often experience that we have to scroll a lot because the website is only displayed as packard bell n450 narrow stripe.

Packard bell n450 Bell dot VR46 Source: If you’re not planning to do any stress tests with the Packard Bell Dot s2, but packard bell n450 want to write emails or watch video clips, you can take delight in pleasant temperatures of circa IT Reviews The dot S2 is a useful, light portable, with a well-balanced specification and enough style and ergonomic tweaks to separate it from the crowd.

Acer, which now owns Packard Bell, is successfully keeping both brands alive and running in parallel, so giving it a larger overall share of the market.

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