They frequently do not sport a dedicated graphics memory, and only Intel’s integrated HD graphics is installed. An evident performance plus is noticed especially when compared with a budget laptop. The laptop is virtually inaudible in idle mode because the fan first becomes perceptible during load and increasing temperatures. This graphics card would let the frame rates in systems with a higher resolution drop considerably sooner. Voltcraft sl 15 cm distance. Asus treats its new VivoBook to a screen with – according to Asus – a new touchscreen technology.

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Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Brightness and color deviations. An asus s451lb performance plus is s45l1b especially when compared with a budget laptop.

Review Asus VivoBook S451LB Notebook

The battery in Asus’ laptop lasted for just over 8 hours asus s451lb idle mode; the Lenovo S 11 h is better. Unfortunately, we realized that we cannot expect asus s451lb standard of an Apple product shortly after unboxing. Good all-rounder, clad in aluminum, with superior graphics and processor performance for a fair price.

Unfortunately, it is a bit imprecise and use is not really enjoyable. The graphics card could no longer max out its Boost clock rate, and asus s451lb even temporarily dropped by up to MHz below the base asuus of Asus s451lb.

Stoppers, speakers, and tray screws. CPU Single 64Bit sort by value. Asus has managed to combine a high-performance CPU from Intel with a good, dedicated graphics card from Nvidia, and to keep the laptop’s size small. This might asus s451lb right in theory, but there are no asus s451lb advantages in practical use.

The ClickPad is very big with a diagonal of The distance to Apple is still simply too far here. Here, the buyer has to decide between handy dimensions fused with short term yet good performance, or the gaming category with considerably asus s451lb sizes and higher weight but also stronger batteries and consequently longer runtimes even during load.

However, buyers should also look closer at Lenovo’s IdeaPad U Touch, and then pick their favorite.

Review Asus VivoBook SLB Notebook – Reviews

For the original German review, see here. A significant negative point for us is the hard drive. Otherwise, the temperature monitor regulates the fan’s speed discreetly according to the load. The used hinges are absorbing enough to reduce annoying teetering when inputting asus s451lb the touchscreen. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from asus s451lb shown on this site.

Review of a notebook of ASUS S451LB

Please, switch off ad blockers. Maintenance The laptop, unfortunately, only offers very limited maintenance options. Asus should rectify this so that the user discovers the full diversity of multi-finger gestures that can be especially fun with Windows 8. The expensive aluminum casing does not provide any real advantages apart from the looks. Using an external mouse is asus s451lb in the long run because it can often happen that asus s451lb gestures are not detected correctly.

As can be read in the review of Nvidia’s GT Mtwo different chips were used s451bl one graphics card featuring the same name during the production period. The plastic underside also looks thinner than previously tested laptops asus s451lb can also be dented to a greater extent in the area of the optical drive.

Asuz this high efficiency in office and idle mode be noticed in the battery runtime? Asus s451lb enough for office mode, it is definitely too little in gaming use.

Asus s451lb The ClickPad is very big with a diagonal of A conventional HDD and touchscreen are installed alongside an Intel i5 dual-core asus s451lb dedicated Nvidia graphics card. System Noise The laptop is virtually inaudible in idle mode because the ssus first becomes perceptible during load and increasing temperatures. However, Asus’ laptop is still asus s451lb a bit more affordable than comparable laptops.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad U is clearly superior here, and the plastic contenders from this price range make an equally high-quality impression.

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